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My Reason

In 2013, I left my home and moved 8 hours away to Florida State University were I pursed my undergrad degree, 3 days into being on campus I met my best friend. He graduated Florida Sate in 2015 & I graduated in 2017 and we proud members of NOLE NATION. I am now married to said best friend, Anthony, my college sweetheart and we have two little girls. Alyssa is 4 years old, she came into this world in 2015 during my undergrad years and has been my study buddy ever since, well, at least when daddy is not around because she is a total daddy’s girl. Aaliyah is one and joined the crew in 2018 and is a TOTAL MAMAS GIRL. These three humans are my reason. The reason Mommyhoodjoy blog exist, the reason I share my life with families like ours, the reason I push so hard for my goals and dreams. I have a team cheering me on and I can’t let them down. 

Lifestyle Blogger Coconut Creek

Mommyhoodjoy came to life in 2018 when I found out I was pregnant with Aaliyah. After having Alyssa I went through really bad postpartum anxiety and depression and had noone to talk too. I had always wanted to start a blog but never really had the confidence to start, until I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and decided to hit the ground running. I was determined to help other mamas feel less alone during their motherhood journey, while sharing my experience as a mom struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. 

What can you expect to see and read?

You will  find a variety  of content. As a motherhood + lifestyle blogger I share travel – a variety of my favorite cities/locations & hotels we have visited. My favorite products in different aspects of my life, my motherhood journey, relationship journey, hauls – because your girl loves a good target trip or Amazon order LOL., blogging tips, matching outfits with my girls because I love to match with them + hubby (sometimes, lol), and so much more!  There is no limit to what I share because my life is a learning experience every single day, and as long as Im loving what I am learning and experiencing, I am sharing ❤️ 

This is me, this is us, and this is the community I am building. You’ll get the real, raw, adn honest moments. Pretty times, hard talks, and every part of this the rollercoaster ride we call life. I hope that you come and join my community here on the blog, on my instagram, & youtube. I would love to have you! You can read a little more about me here

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