1.  Travel System –
    • A stroller and carseat travel system is the most convenient item you can have on your registry. The one in the picture is Chicco Bravo Travel System if I didn’t already have a stroller, I would go with this travel system. You can also buy strollers and carseats separate from each other. The stroller I own is the Baby Jogger City Select and I absolutely love it, it also has a couple of different carseats that can be attached to it.
  2. Dockatot –
    • I didn’t own this with Alyssa but I have heard so many great things about the Dockatot.
  3. Diaper Genie-
    • Trust me you’ll want something to keep those stinky diapers from smelling up the house! I owned this diaper genie with Alyssa, it was great!
  4.  Bottles-
    • You’re going to want to choose the perfect bottles for you and your little one. When I had Alyssa I used the Avent bottles and absolutely loved them. This time I plan to breastfeed longer than I did with Alyssa but I will still introduce bottles. This time I will be trying the comotomo bottles and the Nuk Simply Natural bottles. I’ve heard great things about all of them.
  5.  Halo Bassinest- 
    • I didn’t own this with Alyssa but I have heard so many great things about the Halo Bassinest. It’s perfect for the side of the bed the first few months, before you transition your little one into a crib.
  6.  Baby Swaddles-
    • Alyssa was not a fan of baby swaddles, so I am hoping baby girl #2 will love them because they can be so convenient for sleeping and keeping them warm.
  7.  Diaper Bag-
    • I have a few favorites for baby bags, I owned quite a few with Alyssa! My Ultimate Top 3 diaper bag is the Skip Hop Diaper Bag  I will have to rebuy it this time because hubby ruined the one I had with Alyssa! It is so spacious and can fit so much, I love it! They have it in a few colors: PinkBeige, and Smoke.
  8. Swaddle Blankets –
  9. Skip Hop Sound Machine-
    • Alyssa is 2.5 years old and a sound machine has been a must since day one. I love Skip Hop, and I will be purchasing this skip hop sound machine this time around.
  10. Baby Sleepers-
    • Baby sleepers to keep the babies comfortable, and the parents life easier. If you can get zipper sleepers, I highly recommend them! Here is a similar pair of sleepers to the one in the pictures.
  11. Pacifier-
    • Alyssa didn’t own a wubbanub but ill be trying it with the princess this time around. Alyssa always loved, and still loves her MAM Orthodontic Pacifiers (I will also be purchasing these for baby #2)
  12. Monitor
    • Definitely a must have item.
  13. Nose Frida-
    • I didn’t own a nose frida with Alyssa but ill be trying it with baby girl this time around
  14. Carrier-


I hope this has helped you, if you feel I left anything out that I must have for our little princess, please let me know down below in the comments!






Baby Registry Must Haves for Parents