Five Quick Dinners under 30 Minutes? Yes, Please! Thinking about dinners can be pretty difficult if I don’t meal plan for the week. Usually, we end up having salmon and broccoli and call it a day. As a mom of two little girls, blog work, and homework assignments (because, grad school), dinner can become a blur.  I asked you all on my instagram stories if you wanted to see Pinterest meals that I plan to cook for the week because let’s be honest I am no cook, LOL & you all said YES! Your wish is my command (sometimes), and  I have put together 5 Pinterest dinner that take about 30 minutes, and I plan to make this week I have also included a grocery list that includes everything you will need to make all 5 meals.

10 Minute Maple Crusted Salmon

Recipe & Picture From Foodie Crush

Anthony loves his Salmon so we usually have some sort of Salmon dish a week. I will most likely add a side of Mixed Steamed Veggies.

Cilantro Lime Chicken w/ Avocado Salsa

Recipe & Picture From Joyful Healthy Eats

I actually made this last week but the Avocado I bought wasn’t ready so I didn’t have the Avocado Sauce. However, the cilantro & Lime infused chicken was AMAZING. I don’t know if its the Hispanic in me but I love anything with Cilantro, add Lime/lemon to everything that I can add it too, and live for an Avocado momeny. This recipe literally spoke to me and I cant wait to have it this week with the Avocado Salsa. Anthony & Alyssa hate Avocado so they will have it alone again, and I’ll make a side of brown rice to go with it.

Baked Parmesan Chicken

Recipe & Picture From Well Plated by Erin



Recipe & Picture from The Recipe Rebel

Fun Fact: I use to make homemade lasagna A LOT when we first had Alyssa but pasta isn’t all that great for you all the time. I haven’t had lasagna in a really long time So I am actually pretty excited to make this healthier version this upcoming week.

Last but not least,

Skinny Sriracha Shrimp

Recipe & Picture From Baker by Nature

I made this shrimp dinner last week also and it was SOOOO good, definitely had to add it to this upcoming week again.

These are the five meals I’ll be making this week. They are all pretty quick and simple to make, which is my love language when it comes to dinner. Reality is, I HATE cooking dinner, ill praise anyone that enjoys it. I am FOREVER grateful for everyone that put up there dinner recipes and put them on Pinterest to share with the world! This Five Quick Dinners under 30 Minutes blog post is a compilation of dinner ideas I found on Pinterest, and have decided to make this week and share with you! Have a Happy Weekend and ill be back next Saturday with a blog post of a compilation of dinner ideas I found on Pinterest, and have decided to make this week and share with you! 

You can find the printable Grocery Shopping list for ingredients you’ll need for all 5 meals here. 


Love, Mommyhoodjoy