Influencer Networks for Bloggers

by Kimberly | Jul 14, 2020 | Blogging

Influencer Networks for Bloggers

You guys often ask me on Instagram how I am able to get sponsored posts and work with brands, so I’m sharing! 🤪 I have been blogging for three years now, but, this is the first year I have treated it as a full-time job. When I first started working with brands I started off working for products in exchange for a post. A lot of us start off by doing free products in exchange for posts as a way to build our resume. However, you don’t have too. There are bloggers that don’t take free products in exchange for a post from the beginning. One of the ways I can with brands is through Influencer networks for bloggers. In addition, you can work with brands in other ways aside from blogging networks, those being by pitching to a brand directly, and a brand emailing you directly.

At this current point, I get a lot of my work from brands emailing me directly and pitching. I usually pitch through influencer networks for bloggers more often than pitching directly. That’s a personal choice. I’m going to share some of the blogging networks I have used in the past and currently still use. Many of them have certain requirements you’ll have to look into to see if you are able to but others don’t have requirements at all, and there are a lot more influencer networks for bloggers that I haven’t included, I’m sure these are not all!

Influencer Networks for Bloggers

  1. IZEA*
  2. Activate Social*
  3. AspireIQ*
  4. Clever*
  5. Influence Central
  6. Massive Sway*
  7. Mom Select
  8. Acorn Influence
  9. Everywhere Agency
  10. Social Fabric
  11. Blog Meets Brand
  12. Fohr Card
  13. Popular Pays
  14. The Cirqle
  15. Cohley
  16. Heartbeat App

*These are the influencer networks for bloggers that I use more often than the rest of them.

More Ways to Work with Brands

Pitching– You can pitch to brands that would you love to work with directly. Tell them a little about yourself, what your brand is about, and what you can do for them. Brands want to know how you can help them grow.

Brands email you– You don’t have to have a certain following, you just have to be active. Use hashtags interact with other bloggers- comment/ like on their pictures and let brands see you.

I hope this answered all your questions! Feel free to comment or DM on Instagram if you have any other questions!

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  1. Julinda

    Thank you this was very helpful Kim!

    • Kimberly

      You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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