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by Kimberly | Mar 25, 2019 | motherhood

Thank you BornFree for sponsoring this post.

When I got pregnant with Aaliyah I vowed to myself that I would keep the gadgets to a minimum. I wanted products that were easy to travel with and easy to store (considering we live 5 hours from family). This way when we travel to visit family without the worry of entertainment. When she was born she became my little one that has hated being put down. If Aaliyah had it her way she would be held all day. That is until we found Born Free!

Born Free Zuta

The Born Free Zuta has been perfect for our family. The activity center is adjustable to Aaliyah’s height, allowing us to use it for more than just a couple of months. Aaliyah will sit in it for 30 mins at a time with absolutely no crying. Allowing me to stuff done and give my arms a break. The seat is perfect because it swirls around. She loves it because she can get to all her toys on her own. The seat gives her a little bit of independence because she’s able to use her gross motor skills and fine motor skills to maneuver around the activity center.



Born Free Kova 

We also received the Born Free Kova Bouncer and WE (yes, WE lol) if Aaliyah loves it, mama loves it. It’s a two-in-one! Its both a bouncer and a rocker. We are able to set it to our preference by adjusting two little legs. The cushioned seat keeps her snug and comfortable. The bouncer also comes with a removable hanging toy bar. It’s perfect because it’s low enough for her little arms to reach and play with. This minimizes the frustration caused when she can’t reach something she wants. The little boy bar is also great for her motor skills, as she practices grabbing and reaching.



My favorite thing about both items is that they are travelable! You can fold them up and put them in a travel bag (included in the packaging) and take them with you where ever you want! It also makes it easily storable. I love this because at the moment we live in an apartment and our living area is not that big considering we are a family of four. We store it and put away every night once it’s no longer going to be used. This gives us more space to roam around without tripping over it.  The fact that it is easy to travel with is so beneficial. We often do staycations a couple of hours away from our home. And, soon we will be moving back to our hometown where we will use it to take to both of grandma’s houses.

Check them out: Born Free

Although, Born Free has been kind enough to send us these items and sponsor this post, all opinions are my own. 


A moms must have baby products for easy travel and comfort.


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