Baby Must Haves for your Baby’s Arrival that you ACTUALLY Need

by Kimberly | Nov 29, 2018 | motherhood, Shop

Baby Swaddle Blanket

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A newborn baby must haves list, I wish the doctor would give you one when they handed you your very first ultrasound picture. I have done this motherhood thing twice and still, it feels like my first time, LOL! It’s a totally new experience and I love the snuggling and cuddling of the newborn days. Aaliyah is now 8 months old and the time has flown by, it truly makes me so sad. She is different than Alyssa in so many ways. There are certain baby items I can not go without for her.

Motherhood can be overwhelming especially during the newborn days, and even more so when you are preparing for your bundle of joy. I remember being pregnant with Alyssa and wanting everything Babies R’Us had to offer. I want to make preparing for your baby as easy as possible so that you can skip the overwhelming feeling and enjoy every snuggle, and cuddle that you can.

The ONLY baby must haves you REALLY need

The baby must-haves you actually need:

Clothing Baby Must Haves

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  1. Magnetic Onesies – The best nighttime onesies for easy diaper changes. Aaliyah and diaper change’s aren’t best friends. She is a little wiggle worm so making being able to snap the onesies on and off is amazing.
  2. Zipper Onesies – The magnetics onesies can get expensive. Zipper onesies are just as good, quick and easy.
  3. Nested Bean Onesies – I wish I had owned the sleep sack version but I did not. I bought Aaliyah the actual sleep onesies and they worked really well. Aaliyah slept 2 hours compared to 45 mins naps without the onesie.
  4. LoveToDream Sleepsack – Aaliyah loved this sleepsack. We had the newborn and medium size that allowed for her arms to be right next to her head, cuddled and warm like in fetus position.

Baby Gear

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Dockatot Deluxe

Baby Bassinet

  1. Dockatot – The dockatot is a hit or miss with Aaliyah. I love it because I can travel with it around the house. I take it when we go out of town and her sleep comfortably while I keep an eye on her.
  2. Mamaroo – Aaliyah took a little to get comfortable with it but after a month of putting her in and out of it, she loved it! I would lay her in it when she has a hard time napping.
  3. Bassinet – You can never go wrong with a bassinet for a baby to sleep right by your side.
  4. Hatch Rest Sound Machine – I love that I can control the sound and light from my phone. You have different color night light options and songs.

Blankets and Carriers Baby Must Haves

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Baby Must havesBaby Carseat Cover

  1. Copper and Pearl Swaddle Blankets – If you get anything off this list for your baby, This is a definite baby must have these swaddles are the softest ever. I bought Aaliyah the purple one and the and a pink one, both with matching newborn hats.
  2. Tula Baby Carrier Aaliyah loves to carried/ worn. It makes things easier for me since my hands are free.
  3. Carseat Cover – One of my pet peeves is when I am out with the baby and a stranger does anything possible to look into my car seat. I cover my Aaliyah with my car seat cover that doubles as a nursing cover and is beyond soft.

Baby Health & Feeding

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  1. Gripe Water – I swore by this, both Alyssa and Aaliyah have been colic babies and grip water did the trick every time. Mommy’s Bliss is my favorite brand.
  2. Gas Relief – Babies usually can’t have gripe water until 6 weeks but they can have these gas relief drops which were a lifesaver on days Aaliyah had gas.
  3. Kinsa Thermometer – The Kinsa thermometer is perfect because it connects to an app on your phone. You can keep track of your baby’s temperature and medication times. I have both the stick digital and Smart Ear.
  4. ComoTomo & Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles

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