Scavenger Hunt Ideas; Printables for your Little One

by Kimberly | Mar 30, 2020 | Education

Scavenger Hunt List

Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas Printables for your little ones! Life has put us in a situation of self-quarantining for our safety and the safety of others. I work from home and keep my girls full time for a living, but I’m losing my mind. Quarantining makes me feel like walls are closing in on me. We have been taking the girls on walks for some change of scenery and fresh air. I decided I would make our nature walks a little more entertaining and to keep their brains busy (mostly Alyssa’s). So, put together some nature scavenger hunt ideas printables. Don’t get me wrong. I never did much anyway, but I’m like a child; the more you tell me I can’t do something, the more I want to do it. I want to be OUT AND ABOUT, having lunch with my family and a margarita. Whos with me?

Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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I am sharing these scavenger hunt printables with you for a little diversity during walks with your little ones. Scavenger hunts can spark educational conversation between our children and us, without them realizing it. They are also a fun way to keep them moving and getting the physical fitness they may be lacking that day. Each scavenger hunt list is different, and you can choose one depending on your child’s age and interest. I tried to create one that would fit every child in elementary school, and I hope it’s able to keep our child entertained. These Scavenger Hunt Printables will help you spend quality time as a family, start conversations between one another, serves as a fine motor activity, and gross motor activity. An educational outdoor activity that involves the entire family, make it a game and add some competition!

It’s important for us to remember during this time, that the most important element in our lives is our children and the way we choose to spend this vulnerable time with them. In ten years our kids aren’t going to remember anything about this COVID-19 pandemic we are frantically living through. Do you know what they will remember? how we choose to create memories during this time. Making memories is as simple as going on a walk, printing a scavenger hunt list, and creating a game with your little ones.

We must remain faithful, and positive that we will get through this because we will.

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